Phoenix Gangs Map and Phoenix Hoods Map

Phoenix gangs map of some of the Mexican and black Phoenix hoods of the streets of the Phoenix ghetto, in a large city with ties to California and Mexico.

This map does not have all of the Phoenix area neighborhoods and affiliations.

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Phoenix Gangs Map and Hoods of the North Side with Sun Town, Tre 5th, Maryvale Park, and Sunny Slope.

Phoenix gangs and hoods on the West Side are Wedgewood Chicanos, Happy Homes, WetBack Power Double Gang, WS City, Coffelt Jets, Los Crazy Mexicans, Brown Town, Maryvale, Cashion Park in Avondale, and more.

On the South Side, Phoenix hoods of 40st, Broadway Gangsters, Mini Park, Hemosa Park, Park South, Chula Vista, the Vistas, Hilltop 1600 Bllocc, Hayden Park, LULAC Projects, Lindo Park, Southern Meadows, and more.

The East Side with Phoenix gangs and hoods of WetBack Power, 32st, Luke Khron Duppa Villa (ESDVP), Golden Gate x8, Eastlake Park, Garfield, Verde Park 9st, East Side Los Cuatro Milpas (LCM), Brown Pride, PVL, and more.

The other side of the Phoenix ghetto has a number of gang and ‘hood affiliations throughout the region, areas that include the South Side and West Side, as well as parts of the East Side and in other nearby towns of the Valley Metro.

Mexican gangs have been around since the early 1900s, originally as a form of togetherness within their own community and to protect their neighborhood while being more of a neighborhood clique or group rather than a gang.

By the 1980s, there were about 150 gangs in the Phoenix ghetto streets, mostly Mexican along with a few black gangs.

During the 1970s, affiliations became more of gangs than just neighborhood cliques, while getting bigger during the 1990s and then becoming less relevant in the years of the 2010s.