Map of South Bend Gangs of Indiana

Even though the home to the college of Notre Dame, South Bend Indiana has another side of the city, with South Bend gangs and hoods on the West Side, South Side, North Side, and sections of the East Side, taken most of the city. Not Created by TheRealStreetz

The South Bend gangs are mostly affiliated with Chicago gangs, like the Latin Kings of Crown City and Rum Village or Maniac Latin Disciples of the Pulaski Park area.

The South Side of South Bend has hoods and gangs around S. Main and S. Michigan streets, like the infamous Dawg Life, that has been around for generations, Gangster Disciples in areas like Delaware Street or Calvin City and Vice Lords.

Western Avenue, the heart of the West Side of the South Bend Indiana ghetto, with areas like Barby Block or LakeSide, with Folks and Vice Lords in the projects.

Lincoln Highway, on the North Side with South Bend hoods of Diaforniaville, Brookfield, Keller Park, Beacon Heights, with gangs of GDs, Mickey Cobras, Black Disciples, 4 Corner Hustlers, Black P Stones, and South Bend affiliations of Dawg Life or 211

The East Side of the South Bend Indiana ghetto, the smaller South Bend hood, with areas like Evil Side, Edison Park, Swanson, Corby Boulevard, with GDs and Vice Lords.

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