Map of Birmingham Hoods

Once constantly shown on the “First 48” television show, this map shows the real streets of the Birimingham hoods, from East Side to West Side to North Side, and some of the Birmingham Alabama gangs areas, even though the city is not as affiliated with national gangs like other cities.

Birmingham Hoods Key: Blue = West Side  |  Black = North Side  | Red = East Side

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Birmingham hoods of the East Side include East Lake and the Bay Area, Kingston or K Town, Avondale projects, Woodlawn, Gate City, along with Roebuck and CTP Center Point right outside of the city in Jefferson County.

The West Side of the Birmingham Alabama ghetto is maybe the largest and most known side of town as when people talk gangs in Alabama some may refer to this side of Alabama.

The West Side has hoods like Pratt City, the legendary Smithfield, Titusville and the Loveman Village Projects, Central Park around Bessemer Road, the West End, Mason City and the Cooper Green projects, and Ensley represent the West Side Birmingham hoods.

The different hoods of Jefferson County that are not all in the city of Birmingham are Fairfield, Bessemer, and Brighton which are as big as any other town in Alabama and no different from any other hood in Birmingham and Jefferson County.

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