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Jackson, MS

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Map of Jackson MS Hoods

Jackson MS hoods, located in the heart of the south in Mississippi, shows the hoods of areas in the West, South, and North Sides.  While there are Jackson MS gangs, this map just shows the different and various hoods of the city, many of where the city’s gangs reside at.

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Brief decription, the map shows the Jackson MS hoods within the city’s North Side in places like Ghost Town, Brown Bottom, Stadium Side, Virdition (Virden Addition), Shady Oaks, Georgetown, Hillz (Presidential Hills), the Queenz, North Inn, Sunset, Willowpoint, Lakeview, Northview Addition, Cherokee Heights, and OC (Old Canton Road).

Within Jackson’s West Side there are hoods with the likes of Washington Dition (Addition), Battlefield, Arbor Vista, Wood Street, Sub 1 and Sub 2, together with the South Side’s Oak Creek, Wood 2, Willowood, Cedar Hills, R Dub, Brookhollow.

Even though technically this not an official gangs map, a brief history on Jackson Ms gangs was that during the late 1980s and early 1990s the streets of Jackson started to become more active with street and illicit activities due to the introduction of drugs and the money it brought.

Many Jackson Ms gangs became affiliated to Chicago’s Gangster Disciples or Vice Lords, but by the 2000s Jackson MS gangs have slowly faded away and played less of a role in the streets as many people have ended dead through street violence or incarcerated because of street crimes.

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*Not a Jackson MS GANGS Map.

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