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Map of the Philly Hood

While Philly gangs never existed like in other cities with Crips and Bloods or Gangster Disciples and Vice Lords, there are numerous Philly hood blocks and projects from South Philly to West Philly to Uptown Philly.

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The North Philly hood projects and blocks include PennTown 7st, the old Richard Allen Projects, Blumberg Projects around 24th and Oxford, Cecil B. Moore, 24th Berks, Johnson Homes aka Soul City, 23rd Diamond, Abbottsford Projects, Erie Ave, and Lehigh Ave.  Also, the North Philly hoods include the Puerto Rican community of PapiVille, Kensington and the Badlands and parts of Northeast Philly like Frankford.

North of North Philly is the Uptown Philadelphia section with hoods like Logan Valley, Ozone aka Olney, SugaHill aka East Oak Lane, Somerville around Ogontz Ave w/ Topside and Bottomside, 7200 of West Oak Lane, Vernon Road, Stenton Ave.  Germantown hoods of Uptown Philadelphia include hoods south of Chew Ave like Dogtown, Brickyard, Haines Street, Wayne Avenue, and TBK / Terrace around Church Lane and Wingohocking Terrace.

West Philly, while some say is broken down like Philly gangs, is separated with the Bottom, which has blocks like MTV (Mt Vernon), Melon Street, Aspen from 37th to 39th, 38th Reno, 41st and 43rd.  Other hood areas, and not Philadelphia gangs areas, are Mill Creek, like 46th home to the old Mill Creek projects and 49th, the WestPark Projects, the Murder Market, Haddington, Wynnefield, Overbrook Park (OVP), Cobbs Creek with 568 and the Hilltop (Overbrook) with Lansdowne, Master Street, and 66th.

South Philly is divided by Broad Street with the hood being west of Philadelphia’s largest and most popular street, other than 5th Street (old Southwark Projects), Saigon (old project around 13th and Fitzwater) and 7st (around Snyder).  While blocks might seem divided and like Philly gangs, South Philly is mainly just ‘hoods like Wilson Park Projects, 31st Tasker Projects, 30th, 24th, 27th, 17th Anin and the Smallside area around 18th and Christian.

Other areas of the Philly metro include Southwest Philly from Kingsessing to Elmwood and Delaware County sections outside of West Philly like Yeadon, Darby and Upper Darby.

**This is not an Philadelphia gangs map as Philly gangs do not exist unless they considered as hoods or blocks.

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