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Charlotte, NC

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Map of the Charlotte Hood

Map that shows all of the Charlotte hoods, from West Charlotte to North Charlotte to the East Side, as well showcasing some of the Charlotte gangs areas.  Overall, this map gives a look into the real streets of the Queen City.

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Map of the city’s hood includes Charlotte’s West Side with the likes of West Blvd., Clanton Park, Tuckaseegee, Wilmore, Rozzelles Ferry Road, Beatties Ford, West Trade, Bradford Drive and a few others.

The Charlotte gangs and hoods of the East Side are based around Idlewild, Milton Road, the Plaza, Albemarle Road like Farm Pond, Grier Town / Grier Heights and more.

North Charlotte sections are in areas like Seigle Avenue, Hidden Valley, Druid Hills, Genesis Park / Greenville, Dillehay Courts, Cedar Greene, and more which represent the North Side.

Also the map shows some of the city’s old hoods like Brooklyn, Piedmont Courts, Earle Village, Cherry, Dalton Village, the Boulevard Homes, Tryon Hills,  Fairview Homes, and Double Oaks.

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