Dayton Ohio Hoods:

Map of Dayton Ohio Gangs & Ghetto Areas

With only 140,000 residents and less than half living in the Dayton Ohio hoods of the West Side, the small Ohio city of Dayton has never been truly seen to the outside world.  In a working-class city that is about an hour away from larger cities of Indianapolis, Columbus and Cincinnati, the ‘hoods of Dayton are no different from any other place in America.

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Short Story of Dayton Ohio Hoods

The story of the Dayton Ohio ghetto and the true Dayton history within the urban areas begins on the West Side starting around the old historic 5th Street.  Many people helped built this area into a section that was once strictly for the city’s black population as families relocated into Dayton neighborhoods for better living conditions compared to southern communities that many came from.

Eventually, many families began to move from the 5th Street district area and began to live in the DeSoto Bass projects.  This was followed by people moving into areas like Dayton View and Westwood Dayton neighborhoods, continuing into other areas of Dayton West Side like Townview or Five Oaks as the city was steadily growing.

With the city being mostly divided with one racial group strictly claiming one side and the other living on the other side of town, the West Side eventually became the main community for urban areas in the city.

The West Side of Dayton is an area that most people would like to forget about as the streets of the Dayton Ohio gangs and hoods have caused many victims over the years through violence and incarceration.

Midwest cities all over the country were affected throughout the late 1980s and 1990s by the introduction of drugs and gangs with the city of Dayton being no different as many of these problems and issues continued into the 2000s in the Dayton Ohio hoods.

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