New York City Hoods Map 

More of a hoods map, than a New York City gang map, that shows the black and Latino hoods and communities, along with a few old affiliations, and much more of New York City’s five boroughs, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island.

New York City Hoods: Manhattan

From Washington Heights, a primarily Dominican community that was home to a number of affiliations like Dominicans Dont Play, to the Inwood and Dyckman area to the legendary hoods and communities within the streets of Harlem,which includes areas like Sugar Hill, the Grant Houses, the Taft Houses, Broadway, Manhattanville, Scrila Hill, St. Nichols projects, and many more, along with certain sections of the Lower East Side.

New York City: Queens

The hoods of Queens consists of the Astoria neighborhood, which is home to the Queensbridge, AQ Projects, and Ravenswood housing projects.  Further east the hoods of Queens are located in the neighborhoods of Elmhurst, Corona, Jackson Heights, and Lefrak City.  The true heart of the streets of Queens is located south of Hillside Avenue in areas like SouthSide Jamaica, Hollis, ShadyVille aka Queens Village, Rosedale aka Mobzdale, along with the isolated ‘hood of FarRoc, all make up the majority of the Queens neighborhood.

New York City Hoods: Brooklyn

Brooklyn, which is a borough that has been going through changes through gentrification, has always had a reputation with neighborhoods like Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, Flatbush, Brownsville, Red Hook, Bushwick, East New York, and a few others.

New York City Hoods: Bronx

A borough that consist mostly of mostly apartment buildings and housing projects, Soundview, Castle Hill, Edenwald, Patterson projects and others as the Bronx is divided into three main sections the South Bronx, North Bronx, and the East Bronx.

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