Shreveport Hoods

Map of Shreveport Gangs and Hoods

Map that shows some of the areas of the old Shreveport gangs affiliations, but mostly just a map of the Shreveport hoods within a place nicknamed Ratchet City.

Shreveport Louisiana aka Ratchet City, has been the least talked about major city of the state of Louisiana, with New Orleans and Baton Rouge getting the most attention.  This map will show some of the areas within the streets of Ratchet City, while also including true stories of many of the areas within the Shreveport ghetto, along with a few of the old Shreveport gangs affiliations.

Allegedly, and according to some, Shreveport gangs originally had ties to California that dated back to the days of the late 1980s and 1990s with people from Los Angeles coming into the city and creating a new culture deep within the Shreveport hoods.

Today the streets are not the same as the 1980s and 90s, with not as much Shreveport gangs activity in the city, but the “Ratchet City” is still one of most underrated cities in Louisiana.  The known Shreveport hoods of Louisiana are Cooper Road / MLK, Allendale / the Hill, Lakeside, Queensborough, Mooretown, Ingleside, Werner Park, Sunset acres, Cedar Grove / Pine Valley, Highland, and a few more.

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