Map of Atlanta Hoods

In one of the most popular cities are number of sections within the Atlanta hoods, hoods that everybody’s favorite rappers hail from, Zone 3, Bankhead, East Atlanta, and many more.  The map below breaks down all of the Atlanta hoods, zone by zone and side by side, as well showing the old housing projects of the city that were torn down and a insight into some of the Atlanta gangs and urban areas.

Map Key:  Red = Southwest Atlanta / Zone 4  | Black = West Side / Zone 1  |  Blue = South Side / Zone 3  |  Green = East Side  |  Gold = Old Demolished Housing Projects

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Zone 1 West Side

The Atlanta hoods of Zone 1 are on the West Side like Bankhead, the Bluff of English Avenue, Vine City, Mosley Park, Adamsville, the 9th Ward, Dixie Hills, Baker Road, Center Hill, Bolton Road and Allan Temple.

While the old hoods of the Atlanta ghetto of Zone 1 include Techwood Homes, Herndon Homes, Perry Homes, Hollywood Court, Bankhead Court, Bowen Homes, University Homes, Eagan Homes, Overlook, along with renaming Simpson Road into Joseph Boone and Ashby to Joseph Lowery.

Zone 3 South Side

The most known zone and section is Zone 3, which is made up of Pittsburgh (Jack City), Mechanicsville, Dill Ave., Oakland City, West End, Summerhill, Beecher Street, Englewood, Joyland, Lakewood, Polar Rock Thomasville, and Cleveland Ave.

The old areas of the Atlanta ghetto of Zone 3 are Sylvan Circle, Carver Homes, Thomasville’s Thomasville Heights Leila Valley and 4 Seasons, Jonesboro North and South, Poole Creek, Gilbert Gardens, and more.

Zone 4 and SouthWest Side

With parts of being in Zone 4 others in Fulton and Clayton County areas of East Point with Creekside, Washington Road, and Martell Homes as well the old Washington Circle and South Town.

To continue, there is College Park with College View Hills, Herschel Road, Godby Road, and Old Nat., while in ClayCo, which is short for Clayton County, there is Riverdale.  In the city of Atlanta, Zone 4 represents Atlanta gangs areas and hoods of Ben Hill, Campbellton Road, Cascade Road, and the old Kimberly Courts.

Zone 6 and East Side

Zone 6 of the East Side includes the Atlanta hoods of PeoplesTown, Edgewood, Kirkwood, Gresham Road / Gresham Park, and East Atlanta, which is Flat Shoals, Bouldercrest, Glenwood and East Hamp.

The East Side’s, not Zone 6, biggest section is Decatur with areas like Scottdale, Candler Road, McAfee, Columbia Drive, Wesley Chapel and more.  Old Atlanta ghetto areas are East Lake (aka Little Vietnam and Down By Law), while not officially Zone 6 or the East Side, just east of Downtown was the old Grady Homes, and Da Cap (Capital Homes).

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