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Jacksonville, FL

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Map of Jacksonville Hoods in Duval County

Map that shows the Duval County – Jacksonville hoods, in a city that was once known as the “Murder Captial of Florida”.

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The Jacksonville hoods are mostly on the West and North sides, with Duval County hoods in sections of the South Side, like Sweetwater or 103rd, the East Side with 2-1, Phoenix and Florida avenues and in the Arlington area like Justina.

Duval County hoods of the West Side are in areas like the Paxon area home to Woodstock, Buck Block, The Desert, and West Palm, the McDuff Avenue section with Lackawanna, Mixon Town, and Holly Brook, PYC of New Town, Myrtle Ave of Durkeeville, Grand Park, or Flag Street.

The Jacksonville hoods on the North Side are in parts of Pearl World, Norwood, Brentwood, Zone 5 Soutel with Harborview and Sherwood, Cleveland Road, Moncrief, Dunn Ave, Palmdale and more.

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