St Louis Gangs and Hood Map

St Louis gang map that shows only the St. Louis City, St Louis County, and East St Louis hoods, also some of the old hoods that have been torn down and some of the old gang sets of the 90s and early 2000s, and much more.

St Louis and older parts of St Louis County (like Wellston and Pine Lawn) have had gang affiliations since the late 80s and 90s, mainly the Bloods and the Crips from Los Angeles.  While East St Louis mostly has ties to Chicago with Gangster Disciples and different Vice Lord sets in the city of East St Louis and surrounding hoods of St Clair County (Washington Park, Centreville, Brooklyn).

Map Key:  Red = Bloods.  Blue = Crips/GDs.  Orange = 6 Deuce Crips. Gold = Six Owe Crips.  Black = East Side.  Grey = Unknown

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St Louis Hoods: North Side

Baden = 800, 900, 8200, and 8900 blocks.  1300 Stone (1300 Gimblin) a former OPAC Six Owe ‘hood.  88Lane (8800 Northcrest Lane).

Walnut Park Crips = LAC Side (6000 Lucille Avenue), Emma Mob (6000 Emma), 57 SAC (5700 Saloma Avenue), 50 G (5000 Geraldine Street), all were once Six Owe affiliated ‘hoods, along with other various Crip hoods like 54 Walnut Park (5400 Robin N Wren), 61 Sherry and 63 Laura ‘hoods around Goodfellow.

Walnut Park Bloods = The main section of Walnut Park, which expands from Plover to Union Blvd. consists of the 49 BAD (4900 Beacon Alcott Davidson), T Block (Thrush), Lillian n Emerson, 5400 Claxton, 47 Plover and more, all were affiliated with the Bloods.

Ofallon Park / Fairgrounds Area = Home to the OPAC (Offalon Park Associate Crips) with sections like 21Laide (2100 Adelaide), 44Bud (4400 Red Bud), 4200PHG (4200 Penrose), and 41PST (4100 Pleasant).  On the other side of Warne Avenue is the CNC (College N Carter) neighborhood, along with the 37ROSE (3700 Penrose) street area.

Penrose Neighborhood = 41KCB ( 4100  Kossuth and Clarence), the Retta (4500-4700 Margaretta), 4800 Shreve, 42KRB / 42LEE (4200 Lee) and Farlin (4200-4400).

College Hill = Known as the Dub, this area is home to DUB JMV (20th and John), DUB DST (20th and Desoto), DUB 19…

Jeff-Vander-Lou = Beam Street (2700 Sullivan), Bacon Mob, 26MAD (2600 Madison), and JVL (2700, 2800, 3100 blocks between Cass and MLK).

Downtown = along Cass Avenue was once known for the vast majority of the city’s housing projects and sets like C8chran M8b, 33Blu of Blumeyer, VTO of Vaughn Projects, OPZ of Offalon Place

St Louis Hoods: North County

Ferguson / Berkeley area= 57 Kinloch, Faytown, Frostwood, 61Wulff, South Dade, Park Ridge apartments and others.

Dellwood / Chambers Road = Green Valley’s 101 GVC, Trap Mob around Glen Owen, the Dime of Hathaway South , Moline Acres, and Castle Point.

Hazelwood = Mainly Spanish Lake’s Sierra Vista and Country Side apartments and Black Jack’s Whitney Chase, Penn N Pad, Hathaway North areas

Jennings = 85 Skam, 10/20 MVC, Hillside and more.

St Louis Hoods: West Side

The Ville =  one of St Louis biggest hoods mostly is made up of the 442 Ville section with streets like Aldine, Cote Brilliante, and NMG North Market.  Other sections are 387 Lab Mob and K-Ave, 42Maffitt, 41LEX and 44LEX, 31SMC / Sarah Mob, and others.

Goodfellow Blvd. = Divided into Six Owe ‘hoods like 59 Wabada, 1300 BOD or the 57Cates, and Blood ‘hoods like 1-1 Hodiamont, the Horseshoe, 5-7 K-Mob and T-Mob, Belt N Burd, and 55 Labadie.

Page Avenue = From Goodfellow to Vandeventer, consists of Arlington, 50NERV and 51 Minerva, 5200, the 51 Skan, the Tracks (4500-4900 of the Fountain Park area), 40COOK, and the 41DEL.

West Side (St Louis County) = Wellston (6400 Dead End), Pagedale (1200-1500), U City’s 82nd, Eastgate, Melrose, and Millar Park areas, the 88Mob of Hanley Hills, and Pine Lawn’s Hillside, 6100-6200, and Stillwell N Creston.

St Louis Hoods: South Side

The South Side’s original hoods were the Dark Side, 45 Oakland and the GIB of Gibson, Grape Hill, Park Avenue, the Mac of Accomac, and the Peabody projects.  Today’s most of the South Side is in the 3rd District and in the State Streets which consists of the 3600 Minno, 36TENN, the Cave of 3500 Compton, 5200 Eike-B, I Blocc (3400 Itaska), 3700 CVG projects, the Dead End (3500 Oregon), the Sic (3200 Ohio) and more.

St Louis Hoods: East Side

The East Side, which is in St Clair and Madison counties of Illinois, aka the ILL Side, is home to housing projects like the JDS of the South End, the Hole, OWP (Orr Weathers), Centreville and the Fireworkz Projects, Parkfield Terrace, Deuce9, State Street’s 59th, the Tra, Edgemont, the Gomperz, Washington Park aka Chalie and the Veltz of the Roosevelt Homes, and more.

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