Kansas City Hoods

Nicknamed Killa City, the Kansas City hoods on both sides of the state line (Missouri and Kansas) have been well known for years in each of their state.

While some of the areas, hoods, and gangs have changed over the years, along with some neighborhoods and affiliations not being located on the map, this map shows a example of the K.C. hoods only in Missouri, and not the Kansas side.

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The Kansas City, Kansas areas, which are much smaller,  and consists of blocks around the BLVD of Quindro, the 3rd Street Projects of Juniper Gardens in the Uptown area and the West Side of the city from State Avenue to Highway 5.

The Kansas City hoods of the Missouri side are mostly east of the Paseo as Troost Avenue was once the dividing line between blacks and the rest of the city.  The hoods are include the 12th Street area, home to Parker Square, TB Watkins, and the old Wayne Minor Projects.  51st in the FOG Town area of the Five One Gangstas with a number of blocks.  The 20s were once known as the Twampside on the East Side with the 2-4 and Hilltop nearby, the 30s or the TRA were once Click Clack and Tre Wall, 40s for the 4 Blocc, and Swampside from 68th to around 75th.

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