Chicago Gang Map

Chicago has recently become known as Chiraq and has been constantly in the news for the amount of violence, below is an example of the streets with a Chicago gang map and hood Map, as well a short documentary on the history of Chicago gangs and more.

The map of Chicago Gangs, shows the different blocks and ‘hoods of the 2010s and some of the old gang sets all over the West Side, South Side, and East Side, as well the location of all of old housing projects that were torn down, the history of the gangs and their beginning and more.

Chicago Gangs Map Key: Red = Black P. Stones. Dark Blue = Gangster Disciples.  Light Blue = Black Disciples.  Gold = Vice Lords. Black = 4 Corner Hustlers. Green = Mickey Cobras.

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* Latino Hoods are slowly being added.

Chicago Gang Map: West Side

The West Side consists of three main areas, the North Lawndale community, Madison (Garfield Park neighborhood), and the Austin neighborhood.  With ‘hoods like K Town and the Holy City around Pulaski or Austin’s L Town and Wicked Town, this area of the Windy City is the birthplace for numerous of nationwide gangs.

Places like the Holy City is the original motherland for the Vice Lords, while along Madison there are multiple factions of Vice Lords, as well gangs like the Black Souls and 4 Corner Hustlers who begun around the numerous intersections around Madison.

Chicago Gang Map: South Side

Expanding from the New City (Back of the Yards) community to the Roseland area, or from 51st to 127th is the heart of the South Side, which includes Englewood, Auburn Gresham (79th and 80s), Roseland (100s), 95th Street, and Chicago Lawn.

  • New City: home to the notorious Black P. Stone stronghold of Moe Town, as well the Gangster Disciple areas of Damenville and 50 Strong
  • Chicago Lawn: From 59th to 71st between Western and Kedzie is an area home to multiple Black Disciples and Gangster Disciples sets
  • Englewood: Expanding from 55th to 74th, consists of hoods  069, NoLuvCity, Lamron, Lowe Life and too many more to name in a very large and active community of mainly Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples.
  • King Drive: A notorious section of the city home to numerous Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples sets, like O Block, St. Lawrence, Black Gate City, Front Street, and many more from 55th (Garfield) to 79th.
  • Cottage Grove: Blocks away from King Drive, Cottage Grove expands from the Woodlawn community to the Chatham neighborhood with a mixture of Black P. Stones, Gangster Disciples and Black Disciples.
  • Auburn Gresham: Based around 79th Street and the 80s street numbers, this community is home to like G Ville, Duck Town, Foster Park, Killa Ward, more…
  • 95th Street: A small stretch on the South Side with areas like Princeton Park, Rack City, 093, and Nate Ville.
  • Roseland: Home to the 100s, aka Wild Hundreds, with areas like Rag City, Cooper Park, Wentworth, GoonTown, Trigga City, and more.

Gang Map: East Side & Low Ends

The East Side and the Low Ends can seen as an extension of the South Side, but definitely are their own separate sections of the city.

The East Side, in which this case expands from Stony Island to Lake Shore Drive, is home to South Shore’s Terror Town, PaxTown, Maul Town and other ‘hoods.  Outside South Shore, there is a number of Black P. Stones and Gangster Disciples sets.

The Low End, once home to the vast majority of Chicago’s housing projects before their demolishing, runs from 35th to 51st with areas like WelchWorld, 5thWard, 043, a few more.  Today, the Low End consists of only a few ‘hoods due to gentrification and the removal of the housing projects.  *All of the old Chicago housing projects are shown on the map.

*This is an accurate map of the streets of Chicago as of the mid 2010s, some areas may have changed due to gentrification, not enough people in the area due to incarceration or death, or a newer generation has taken over.

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