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Houston, TX

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Map of Houston Hoods

This map of Houston hoods shows the true streets within the largest city of Texas.  Click and browse through the map to see the streets of Houston’s North Side, South Side and East Side, as well some of the areas that are home to the Houston gangs.

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Houston Hoods: North Side

Green = NorthWest Houston.  Blue = Northeast Houston

The streets within the North Side includes areas like Acres Homes, aka the 44, Greenspoint, Studewood, Heather Glen, Inwood, and Carverdale, all which represent Northwest Houston. The Northeast side is located in the legendary neighborhood of 5th Ward, Kashmere Gardens, Trinity Gardens, Rosewood, Settegast, Lakewood, Jensen Park, Scenic Woods, and other Houston hoods around Homestead.

Houston hoods: South Side

Red = Southeast Houston.  Black = Southwest Houston

The South Side has hoods on the SouthWest like Mo City hoods of Ridgemont, Briargate, or Hunters Glen, Hiram Clarke hoods of Briarwick, Glen Iris aka G.I., Brentwood, or Alameda Plaza, the Alief area or the SWAT (South West Alief Texas) with Corporate, Spice Lane, Forum Park, or Club Creek, and the rest of SouthWest like 8900 Braeswood, 12500 Dunlap, and Fondren.

The SouthEast hoods with the 3rd Ward and Cuney Homes, YellowStone of South Union, South Park’s SouthBank and Herschelwood, Sunnyside aka Check A Hoe Texas with hoods from Blueridge to Wicker Park or apartment complexes like Wesley Square, 4000, or the Jailhouse, the South Acres area of Dead End, Hillwood, Pearl Homes, and the Cloverland.

Houston hoods: East Side

Yellow = East Side

The East Side of Houston, the least known and talked about has hoods like Pleasantville and Clinton Park. The Southeast Side is mostly the full fledge Mexican hoods like Edgebrook, Broadway, and more.

*Not a Houston Gangs Map

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