Map of Seattle Gangs and Tacoma Gangs

The state of Washington gangs, has different community in cities like Tacoma and Seattle, with most of the state being mostly Latino, Asian, Samoan and black, these cities have small areas with different affiliations in them.  *Not Created by

The Seattle gangs and hoods of some of the worst neighborhoods in Seattle like SeaTac, Burien, South Park, High Point, Central District, South End, and others areas.

Seattle gangs like South Side Locos 13, Cherry Block, West Side Street Mob, Mad Pack, Surenos 13 gangs, Holly Park Crips, Asian Bloods like Loko Asian Boyz, Oriental Fantasy Boyz (OFB), Little Ruthless Boyz (LRB), and Hoover Criminal.

Worst neighborhoods in Seattle Asian areas has Asian gangs like the Loko Asian Boyz, Oriental Fantasy Boyz (OFB), or Little Ruthless Boyz (LRB), others are Asian Boyz, Crips like the YOT or OT Oriental Troops and more.

Map of the Tacoma gangs and ghetto of Tac Town, shows the Bloods like the 181 Goons or the Samoan Bloods around Spanaway and Pacific Avenue, South Tacoma with 66 Scanless Fam or Crime Family Gz aka 56-74 aka Jive-6 GD, gangs in Lakewood like the Hustler Crips of 47th Avenue or the West Side Islanders, the Tillicum Park Gangsters, and Crips in Tacoma’s Hilltop area from 12th Street to 25th Street.

Other areas of Tacoma are in the SouthEnd like the Trey Five Alley Dawgs, 96 Murdaville, or Kushman Block. On the East Side there is Original Ruthless Bloodz of 38th, the Original Loko Boyz of 44th, Eastside Gangster Crips, Morton Blocc Crips, Seven Deuce Mob, and more.

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