Cleveland Gangs

Map of Cleveland Hoods

In one of the largest Midwest cities and the most reputable city within Ohio, the city of Cleveland hoods are widely known through being  divided into Down The Way, In The Way, Up The Way, Out The Way, also on the city’s West Side and into the suburbs known as the Heights. 

While some areas on the map may consists of Cleveland gangs, the showcasing of gangs like Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Bloods, and Crips is not shown on the map, but that does not mean they do not exist in the streets of Cleveland.

Cleveland Hoods Key: Orange = Out The Way  |  Red = In The Way  |  Green = Up The Way  |  Light Blue = Down The Way  |  Blue = West Side  

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Cleveland Hoods

The green shows the Cleveland hoods on the South Side, or also known as Up The Way.  The Up The Way section includes like Kinsman County’s Kinsman 20s, 30s, and 40s or HVD (Harvard) J Park, the Deli, and Uptown areas, along with Cleveland gangs in a number of areas.

The Cleveland hoods of Down The Way, which is in the light blue, is made up of mainly housing projects like 30th, Longwood, Unwin, Case Court and the Compound of Outhwaite, Bundy Drive and King Kennedy.

The orange represents for the Out The Way area of the Northeast Side, that is mostly off of St Clair and Superior.  OTW has hoods like Zone6 of Superior 65th, Zone 8 of Superior and the 80s, the Wasteland of St Clair, 10-5, Zone7 117 Rec Prop, Zone K around Locke, Coit Road, 8Ave off St Clair, Hough, Wade Park, and few others.

The red indicates the small section of the In the Way community, which mainly consists of Quincy Avenue, Cedar Avenue, Fleet, Garden Valley, Morris Black, and Broadway.  The blue represents the West Side with the projects of West 7th, West 28th – 25th, the Rock, and ‘hoods of Detroit, Bellaire, Madison, and more.

Overall the map mostly shows the Cleveland hoods and not any of the Cleveland gangs in the city that has had Blood, Crip, Vice Lord, and Disciple affiliations.

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