Pittsburgh Gangs

Map of Pittsburgh Hoods

A combination of a Pittsburgh gangs map and Pittsburgh hoods map, even though gangs of Pittsburgh are mainly of the past.  The map shows the streets of today and how active the city was in the 90s and early 2000s when Pittsburgh gangs activity and culture was at its peak.

The city of Pittsburgh currently has various sections that include the North Side, West Side, East Side, South Side, and Mon Valley, which is outside of the city.  The Pittsburgh gangs vary from Bloods and Crips to the handful of homegrown gangs that once roamed the city.

Pittsburgh Gangs Map Key: Blue = Crips.  Red = Bloods.  Green = Convicts.  Black = Homegrown or neutral.  Grey = Unknown.

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Pittsburgh Gangs and Hoods of East Side:

The Hill District was one of the city’s first black community, but later became known for its many housing projects like Flackside and Madd Circle (Allequippa Terrace), Bentley Drive and Gute Block (Addison Terrace), Reed Roberts and Chauncey Drive, Francis Street and Weedsie (Bedford Dwellings).

Outside of the Hill District, there is Garfield, the old home of the Garfield Heights projects and the Alley Mob, and East Hills housing project as the only Blood affiliated neighborhoods in the city.

The other main neighborhoods of the East Side is Homewood, separated into three parts of Uptown, Downtown, and the Hilltop, Larimer Ave – Wilkinsburg (Trill Side on Montier Street, Turnerville, J Town around Franklin Ave, Hunter Park and City Bound) and the old infamous LAW Gang,

To continue there is Lincoln Avenue, Hazelwood and the Glen Hazel and Flowers Avenue areas, South Oakland, and the old apartment complexes of the gentrified area of East Liberty.

Pittsburgh Gangs and Hoods of North Side:

The North Side, once known as the War Side, is made up of the Northview Heights and Fineview housing projects, Killa County or the Manchester area, Spring Hill’s Rhine Street apartment complex, Perrysville, Brighton Place, Charles Street, and a few other areas around Brighton Road like Shady or BrightTown(Marshall Shadeland) and Brighton Heights.

Today the North Side is going through gentrification in areas like the old Hoodtown, Central NorthSide or the Mexican War Streets, Manchester, Federal Street, while people are moving further north along Perrysville or Brighton Road.

Pittsburgh Gangs and Hoods of South Side:

Beltzhoover or South ZHoove, was the first black community of the South Side.  St Clair Village also known as the Darccide was a project that was demolish in the early 2000s, with people relocating to Knoxville/Brownsville.  Arlington Heights is a small project that was torn down, leaving only 7 buildings to be left.

Pittsburgh Gangs and Hoods of West Side:

The West Side is home to the West Side Convicts.  Fairywood was the old home to two of Pittsburgh’s largest housing projects, Broadhead Manor and Westgate Village.  Other West Side hoods are Crafton Heights – Greenway Park Apts, Chartiers City or C City home to 50K and 100K, Sheraden, and Elliot.

Pittsburgh Gangs and Hoods of Mon Valley:

Right outside of the East Side of Pittsburgh is Allegheny County’s Mon Valley.  Small towns or cities has hoods in areas like Homestead, which was one of Mon Valley’s first black areas, Whitaker in MonView Heights, Braddock and the Sco Nation, an community that has been active since the 90s with a number of blocks, the Port or McKeesport one of the biggest and active areas with Bailie, Harrison Village and Crawford Village, Duquense or Duke City with Burn Heights and Cochrandale, Clairton, and Rankin.

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