Map of Miami Hoods

At the bottom of the map resides a handful of Miami hoods that have become well known for a number reasons, from rappers like Trick Daddy and Rick Ross to the drug trade to what the media labels as Miami gangs.

While most are aware of the Pork n Beans and Liberty City, Little Haiti, Overtown, Opa Locka, and Carol City, but the Dade County area has dozens of Miami hoods that range from Carol City’s 207th street to south Dade County in Florida City.

*The colors do not represent anything specific, like Miami gangs, but are mostly just for designed or style.

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Miami Hoods Breakdown

It first should be known that there are only a few hoods in the actual city of Miami, this includes Liberty City, Little Haiti, and Overtown. Liberty City, the most known of the Miami hoods, consists of Pork N Beans, the section known as the 40s, the legendary block of 15th Ave., Lincoln Fields and more. Overtown, the historic community, is home to apartment buildings and housing projects expanding from Swamp City to Town Park.

Outside of the city of Miami, the streets of the northern section of the Miami hoods within Dade County include Opa Locka, Lil’ River, North Miami, Bunche Park, Carol City, and other sections of the large city of Miami Gardens.

Traveling south, the Miami hoods are areas of the West Grove, Richmond Heights, Perrine, Gould’s Cross the Tracks and Chocolate City, Naranja, Leisure City and Florida City.

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